1951 1St Shrine Pretzel Bowl Game Broadside Display 16

Aka intellectual thinker scholar pundit guru savant sage quick witted genius brain highbrow big headed longhair pointy headed master mastermind expert virtuoso rocket scientist magus mage bailiwick v enfant terrible French prodigy wunderkind German prodigy Also fictional character in BAT MAN qv comics serving as partner during operations and known as the Dynamic Duo when paired. Also an acronym for ‘Be On the LookOut’ for insurgents and provocateurs who’ve been identified as enemy operatives as used by civil affairs CA and CONSTABULARY elements this referent has been brought into military parlance from police practices. V blue sky law cf dark cloud Also a salutation or SALUTE informally exchanged among parachutists equivalent to 16 Shimano Metanium Mgl Xg Left well wishes or good times compare HOOAH GUNG HO WETSU FREE FALL PARATROOPER. Also 1951 1St Shrine Pretzel Bowl Game Broadside Display 16 short for TAILBOOM being a FUSELAGE extension for the tail assembly empennage of an aircraft. Nb sailors used to also have undress blues and undress whites as a semi work uniform without neckerchief or piping but in 00 the Navy exchanged its service dress blues and whites for a year around tan and its DUNGAREES for digitized multicolor work utilities with an point COVER abolishing their traditional bell bottoms and DIXIE CUPs BLUELEG an infantryman as derived from the traditional color of infantry uniforms but especially the blue colored branch stripe on DRESS uniforms see GRUNT CRUNCHY BOONIE RAT BUSHMASTER LEG INF 0 SNUFFY DOZER INFANTRY compare REDLEG YELLOWLEG. Nb not ‘breach’ qv BREECHBLOCK a movable piece of metal for closing the BREECH in certain FIREARMs or other guns. BRAT slang for a minor military dependent especially a child reared on a military installation such as Army BRAT or Navy BRAT.

See CHOCOLATE CHIP DRESS. See LAW OF AVERAGES GAMBLER’S FALLACY UNCERTAINTY PRINCIPLE PRINCIPLE OF LEAST FORCE LEAST RESISTANCE LAW OF DIMINISHING RETURNS LAW OF UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES LORENTZ CONTRACTION LORENTZ TRANSFORMATION PARADIGM Daiwa 16 Zillion Tw SHIFT OUTSIDE THE BOX MILITARY MIND. Stevenson 1 Pointy headed intellectuals of the world unite. BASE a military operations and logistics installation usually fortified such as Naval Air Station NAS or Air Force Base AFB see PUZZLE PALACE PINK PALACE National League Baseball Signed By 16 MADHOUSE STRONGPOINT FSB FOB AOB MOB MCB NOB SFOB ADVANCED BASE BASE CAMP POST FORT COMPOUND CANTONMENT GARRISON RESERVATION NATURAL AREA SHADOW OF THE FLAGPOLE DODGE CITY CRUSADER FORT LITTLE AMERICA. Air Force USAF see WILD BLUE YONDER. The wearing of black colored clothing and face masks is a technique used to enhance the group’s presence to imply unity and solidarity to promote a revolutionary atmosphere and to avoid personal identification by authorities. Also any of various overlap arrangements of bricks stones or other masonry having a regular pattern that’s intended to increase the strength or enhance the appearance of a construction. See WAR ROOM CP compare THE CAVE. Also anything difficult or unpleasant compare BASTARD SONS OF BITCHE. Also according to its impact rating that capability or characteristic that repels or deflects resists or absorbs the strike of one or more bullets when referring to shielding or glass vehicles or clothing see HARDEN CHICKEN PLATE VULCANIZE compare 1951 1St Shrine Pretzel Bowl Game Broadside Display 16 FLAK JACKET FLAK VEST HAPPY SUIT. Compare COUGAR see MRAP TRUCK. Compare SOAP SOFT SOAP MR. Which is an essential commitment to elicit change if not squandered. See COMMAND RATIO TOOTH TO TAIL RATIO CHAIN OF COMMAND compare BRASS COLLAR BRASS HAT. See COMBAT LOADED 1951 1St Shrine Pretzel Bowl Game Broadside Display 16 CROSS LOADING MISSION READY UNLIMBER LOCK ‘n’ LOAD OP TEMPO JUMP START FAT SADDLE UP HOOPLA MOVE OUT. See THE EAGLE SHITS SALARY BP PRO PAY FIELD ALLOWANCE UA BAQ BAH SEPARATE RATS DEAD HORSE SDP TSP DOUBLE DIP COLA MISERY INDEX GI BILL compare SLUSH FUND CANDY GOLDEN SHOWER PORK BARREL THIRD ESTATE SILENT MAJORITY WHITE TRASH.

Being a knee high soft soled moccasin like fur or pile lined boot for wear in deep snow or with SNOWSHOEs and cross country Nordic skis BUNNY BOOTS were developed to overcome the limitations of the then standard issue shoepacs as winter boots.

BASEPLATE a small round or square mounting platform that’s used to level and stabilize a MORTAR during its operation indirect fire cannons with larger bore eg 1mm.

The local lodges like Posey Aerie of Eagles the Elks and others would hire the ship to run excursions to Evansville or Cave in Rock Illinois and back. I sat there that night watching Humphrey get the nomination thinking about the year that had happened. The signs were the shape of a shield painted white with black lettering.

Sullivan was a guest of John Niedrist who operates a saloon and restaurant on the North West corner of the alley between Second and Third Streets. Editor Thomas Collins Goes Off On Radical Republicans. 1 The site was selected by Kailyn Extra Tall Stool Lounge Kitchen Board of Trustees in May of 1 0 from property once owned by Jacob Cronbach and Dr. In those days it was tradition in small graduating classes for each student to read an essay. During the 1 flood the coliseum was used as a Shimano Shimano Reel 1951 1St Shrine Pretzel Bowl Game Broadside Display 16 Red Cross post and many people were helped here with shelter food instruction and compassion. Vernonites saw their telephone exchange from the inside at an Indiana Bell open house at the Mt. February 1 0A young man named Piedicott from the upper end of Posey county was brought to Mt. Newspaper editors in that time were very competitive and they were always trying to make their paper the best even at the expensive of lying about the other.

One was a merchant from Excellentdaiwa 16 Certate Hd 3500H Mt. They have access to abundant soap and water but many of them have a decided aversion Shimano 16 Stile 100Xg Right to their use. Hames took the gray school color of Evansville Reitz where Rust had been principal and the maroon from the University of Chicago where he did graduate work as Mt. 1 1 We have these train tracks that I 1951 1St Shrine Pretzel Bowl Game Broadside Display 16 pass over very slowly on the way to work each day that run across Givens Road leading into the Farm Bureau Refinery. In 1 the publishing of the German paper was discontinued. He wrote On Saturday evening after the supper hour autoists go through Main Street with the powerful headlights of their machines turned on some having the audacity to also use the spotlights in connection. Spencer built this home for around 000 and at one time was one of the more beautiful homes in Mt.

The man selected one and hurried from the store. No one had ever heard of such an incident before in a hurdle race much less a State Championship. Shimano 16 Aldebaran Good place to fight I guess. Stan knows better than I but I believe the starters must have all been ‘ ” or better. Vernon Evansville New Harmony and southern Illinois. The celebration was ushered in by the firing of cannon and the ringing of bells to celebrate our countries’ 100th birthday. During the dance period old Sunday school class rooms became places for music lessons and recitals.

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Image is loadingBaseball Game Ball Joe Dimaggio Micky id=”icThrImg” imgsel=”0″ 16 Mackenzie Incredible Stool src=”http://ir.ebaystatic.com/pictures/aw/pics/globalAssets/imgLoading_30x30.gif” style=”display:none;”>Sixth-Annual-SHRINE-PEAR-BOWL-GAME-H-S-Benefit-Shriner-039-s-Hospital-1951-Souvenir


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